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Uílame [uílãmi] is Recife's counterpart to Butt-head, with a little Kenny McCormick thrown in. He's a metal-head guitar hack and speaks too much slang. He's obsessed with the obscure Blood Avenger and is known for his annoying, self-satisfied rants, and his inconsiderateness. On the recordings, he is described as "mala", which in Recife is short for "maloqueiro" (a classist term for describing uneducated, delinquent people / homeless people) and in SP means "annoying, inconsiderate person whom one can't easily get rid of", i.e. "não se toca" ("does not touch oneself"), which in turn means "clueless, particularly about how one's acts are being perceived". But I really enjoy his thick (if possibly fake) Recife-region accent. (btw, yes, mainstream Brazilian humour is classist, racist, etc)

His name mocks the working-class habit of giving children English names that they can't pronounce (or spell!), in this case "William".


Blood Avenger also has a nice metal rendition of some ringtones.

The following is not interesting unless you know these characters from Brazil:

Mônica's song, by Blood Avenger (lyrics)
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God wrote in Lisp code: song lyrics
Would this count as nerdcore?

This belief must define a particular branch of digital philosophy.
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The Wikipedia's very large List of Film Clichés is highly recommended for a laugh.

The section on Computers & Internet is a highlight.
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In the style of Larry Gonick...

Action Philosophers, via

Plato )

Augustine )

Let me dedicate this to [ profile] darkjewelz, my only remaining friend from my time in England, who told me today that she had a LiveJournal.


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