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Last night, my fever reached 103. Strangely, my only symptoms have been the fever, chills, thermal discomfort, etc. and fatigue (standing up was difficult), and a little bit of joint swelling (which I infer from a very slight pain): no coughing, no mucus, no stomach issues. And I only sneezed once.

A good friend came by to look after me. Since this has been going on for several hours, we considered going to the emergency room. I was not able to locate information of which hospitals my insurance will pay for. Apparently, if you're admitted into the ER, it's always covered. But this was a fuzzy line.

I also called the 24h doctor on duty, and she took 1 hour and 35 minutes to return my call. The operators kept saying it would be 10 minutes. Also, urgent care clinics in Pittsburgh inaccessible to those who don't have a car. (good luck getting a taxi!)

Call me spoiled, but I'm not used to this level of service. In Brazil, you can just show up at the doctor's office, and if it's late at night, we rely on family and friends who are doctors.

I've also been having strange thoughts during my "sleep": the same words kept cycling over and over again. Napkin... serviette... napkin... serviette.

Today, I have a doctors appointment at 3:30 p.m. I'm not better yet.


May. 6th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I am suddenly very very tired, with a high fever and my only option for being seen by a doctor today is to go to the ER. This sucks.

Maybe this was going around at Cornell.

I hit my head pretty good on Thursday evening (bottom of the swimming pool), but passed the concussion test (which I asked to get). I hope that's not related.
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When I go running, my breathing follows different rhythms, the most complex of which follows a 32-beat, 8-bar pattern (4 beats-per-bar). It feels so natural, and I don't even consciously count. I think this means I'm a musical person. Do *you* follow rhythms when you work out?

Today, I felt the road pollution even more, and breathed through my mouth a bit. I need to do something about this nose of mine. My shins complained a bit: I think I need to take it easy on them.
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10:30pm and my body is telling me it's bedtime. I don't know if this healthy lifestyle is for me!
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I'm very impressed with the common-sense idea of testing your blood in order to create a personalized diet.

But unfortunately, Dr Greg Tefft's sites (1 2 3) have an unhealthily high level of BS.

It's not even clear what the "Total Body Chemistry Test kit" is! Is it a DIY pee-in-a-cup chemistry set?

In any case, this got me interested in what machine learning can offer to the problem of inferring which diets lead to which diseases. Clinical data is probably far from being standardized, with all kinds of hidden biases and incomplete data. But even then, computers should be better than humans at analyzing this data, and machine learning has already explicitly dealt with several of these problems (e.g. learning from unlabelled data)! Machine Learning experts are the people who are good at induction, because their methods are always getting evaluated and improved (unlike statisticians, AFAIK)!
So unlike Dr. Tefft, I'm skeptical of this "best scientific knowledge".

Do nutritionists offer similar tests?

This is an area I'd very much like to work on.
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Today I got a biofeedback device.

It's called "back pain". It makes me very aware of when my lower back is in certain positions... I have no idea if it's muscular or bone-related.

And I felt it just as I was trying to fix my derailed bike. I was ok... just too late to sort out my library problems.
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I've been having a weird pain in the skin of my hands for the past week or so... red spots my palms, very dry peeling fingertips.

I'm hoping it's an allergy... even though my blood doesn't seem to be allergic to any of the common allergens. I suspect the dish-washing detergent.

I wonder if I should see a doctor about it.

This reminds me that in 2000, I got hives all over my body for an unknown reason... and had to be on cortisone for a couple of weeks. Coincidentally or not, it was the middle of summer too.


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